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Phone Signal Amplifier 
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cell phone signal booster
  • Installs in a snap, just stick the pressure sensitive bright gold antenna under the cell battery or near the current antenna (no tools required).

    These Cell Antenna Boosters are the exact same "boost your signal up to 300%" antenna that you see advertised  on TV infomercials for $19.95 to $29.95 each.
  • BUT there are other "almost exact" copies which DO NOT WORK!
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    How it works... The Cell Antenna Booster works like a dish on a satellite to capture and emit a stronger signal. By placing the micro-thin gold foil internal antenna behind the fixed antenna of the phone you increase the surface area for sending and receiving messages -- allowing for increased signal strength, eliminating dropped calls and reducing static interference.
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    As Seen On TV $27.90
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    Mail Catalog $25.90
    Online Store $24.94
    Online Accessory Store $22.95
    Electronic Store $23.50
    Walgreen's Drugs

    Easy to install: just stick the ultra thin antenna under the cell phone battery or near the current antenna (no tools required). 
    For more detailed instillation instructions & tips? Click Here! 

     Fits Most Cell Phones,
    Cordless Phone And Beepers

    • Boosts signal on analog, digital, PCS, GSM, and tri-band cell telephones. 
    • Works great on Nokia, Ericsson, Sony, Nextel, NEC, Motorola, Qualcomm, Kyocera, Sprint, Sanyo, Samsung, Audiovox, and Mitsubishi phones.
    • Your phone compartment must be larger than the size of the antenna: 1.25 x .75 inch.
    • Most effective when the signal booster is installed near the antenna. Distance away from the antenna decreases effectiveness.
    • Cell Antenna Will Not Fit Or Be Effective On:

    • Nextel 500 & 800 series.
    • Any models with a screw back battery compartment.
    Are you frustrated by dropped cell phone calls caused by poor reception?

    Is static making your calls really hard to hear and to understand?

    Are you tired of getting cut off from important phone calls while on the road?

    The original ultra-thin gold foil Cell Antenna Signal Booster can boost the signal intensity and increase your cell phone reception in metal buildings, elevators, cars, trains, and remote areas.

    • You can cut down those annoying dropped calls. 
    • Improves reception and clarity. You simply can hear the calls better.
    • Studies have shown at least a 30%-100% increase in reception quality by installing cell antenna boosters.
    • Works like a four foot antenna on your cell phone.
    • The bright gold antenna is so ultra-thin it fits just about any cell phone or cordless phone.
    • Reduces dropped calls by up to 80% due to mishandled multi-pathing.
    • Lowers bit error rates to provide superior call quality.
    • Increases transmission range by 10% to 100% or more.
    • Yields longer battery life resulting in more talktime.
    • The cell phone amplifier is totally maintenance free.
    • Full satisfaction guaranteed!
    How Long Will The 
    Cell Antenna Booster Last?
    The life of your phone...
    The powerful signal booster will last the life of the phone if you exercise extreme care removing and replacing the battery.

    You must be careful not to nick or scratch the gold foil antenna.
    Do not remove antenna for repositioning or change to a new phone. This will most likely break down the integrity of the ultra-thin foil antenna wrecking the circuit.

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    Business Gift.

    12 Phone Antenna Boosters
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    24 Phone Antenna Boosters
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