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How To Spot The Fake Look-A-Likes!
Looking at the package in not much help. The packaging is exactly the same, with the exception of the fact the phony antenna plastic bag and display card was a bit heavier than ours. I guess they have to give you something.

There are two way to discover the Fake signal booster knock-off.

1. Install in your phone. If it does not increase your signal, it is a phony.

Phoney Phone Siginal Booster 2. Look At It! 
If Your Phone Signal Booster Looks Like This...
You May Have A Problem.

Examine this picture carefully. Notice it seems a bit out of focus (no sharp crisp edges) the color is a dull golden color. This fake copy of our Cell Antenna is actually printed in dull golden colored ink. Some of the fakes at least has the bog bone shaped design between the two vertical lines under "UPSIDE" wording.

How To Spot The Real Cell Antenna?
There are two way to discover the real phone antenna signal booster.

1. Install in your phone. If it increases your signal, it is the real thing.

2. Simply Look At It. 
If it is bright and has a gold mirror-like finish you have the real thing, enjoy. The real Cell Antenna Signal Booster made from die cut gold foil. The antenna design has sharp crisp details. 

If it is a real Cell Antenna Signal Booster you will be able to see the two tiny antenna designs within the dog bone design between the two vertical lines under "UPSIDE" wording. 

Other Tips To Prevent Fraud.
Read The Copy.
If you are purchasing from an ad or Web site read the copy, if it does not mention the bright gold foil antenna the odds are it is not the real thing they are selling. Please do not be rude to these people as they may have been duped into buying this product and probably do not know the difference themselves.
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